#Repost @cassandraangst ・・・ Hey everyone! By voting for me, you can put me into the top 10! Voting is open from May 8th – 13th! There are 4 ways to vote and you can vote up to 10x per DAY on each APP! (40 votes a day). There are 4 ways to vote are: 1. Download the Miss USA app 2. Go to the @missusa website (in bio) 3. Twitter: Submit a tweet or a retweet with the hashtags #pennsylvania and #missusa. You must have a PUBLIC Twitter account for your tweets and retweets to be counted. MAKE SURE BOTH HASHTAGS ARE IN THE TWEET and that your twitter is PUBLIC for the vote to count! You can simply put, “Miss #Pennsylvania is the next #missusa! 👑”. 4. Download the @vodi.app vote up to 10x per day! For more information on voting: https://www.missuniverse.com/ Love you guys!