Repost from @missaudreyallen Once in a blue moon, something or someone comes to us, begging for refuge. Today… It’s one of the world’s greatest treasures.. A perfect, complex, living, breathing, super-organism, nestled in the bosom of the Pacific Ocean. Very rarely do we have a chance to make a positive impact on the world we live in. We take from this earth every day, but offer little in return. Today, we CAN give back. @mitch_gobelresinart , @greenpeace , @greenpeaceaustp , and I @missaudreyallen have banded together to save what’s left of the Great Barrier Reef. Half of the coral on the reef has already been destroyed… We can’t afford to lose any more. Stop the mining companies on the reef! Let your voice be heard! YOU can make ALL the DIFFERENCE 🌏 Sign the petition at and check out @mitch_gobelresinart s page. Please share and regram this message, we need EVERY voice, we have FOUR days left! Make them count! Thank you to everyone who made this all possible! @mitch_gobelresinart @mraagibson @greenpeace @greenpeaceaustp @joelfloraphoto @coralsupply @chefkylehendricks @saracranhammakeup @fwanfwan @darevalo907 #TakeAnotherLook #OneWorld #OneVoice #SaveTheReef